We Asked our Mentors: Whether Working Remotely Has Helped or Hindered Entrepreneurs

Jun 15, 2021 | IG Blog Posts

We Asked our Mentors

We recently spoke with our mentors about the idea that managing a business remotely has become the norm for many entrepreneurs, particularly with startups. We wanted to know,in their work with IG clients, have they found examples where managing a business remotely has either positively or negatively impacted a business’s growth? 

Tim Campbell Smith

“Managing a business remotely has positively impacted businesses by getting employees to share ideas and resources electronically, making information accessible for all staff. More staff in the business have access to more information and can collaborate more and improving the business from the inside out. For example, uploading all of their videos/pictures on a shared drive so staff can see it all in one space. It can be something they can hand off to another person. “

George Staikos

“Companies are spending more time ensuring they have the right business strategy and plan.”

Michael Kimeda

“Three of our clients, all doing projects as startups, are positively affected because they are operating side businesses. They all could pretend they are doing this full time. It is a perfect time for them because they created websites for awareness and people wouldn’t know whether it is a full-time enterprise or not. It’s the best chance for them in this environment.”

Chris Fletcher

“Working remotely contributed to some clients having the time to take stock, instead of “just continuing as usual” and then addressing known issues. “

Stacey Curry Gunn

“The pandemic has accelerated the move to virtual. The breakdown of the geography mindset of who they can serve. Suddenly, their target market is not limited to Guelph, Ontario, etc. It is a mind-opening and business-opening exercise. “

Kevin Boon

“There seems to be less distraction with ad-hoc meetings. Meetings are more mindful, scheduled. “

Carol Johnston

“Generally speaking, the positives of remote work has allowed some clients to focus more time on strategy and planning in a more intentional way. Remote work has led to a few clients launching ecommerce with great success.”

patricia Muir

“Where companies cannot work remote (due to location for example), they mayh be experiencing challenges of hiring and keeping employees. COVID brought up issues of some people refusing to show up to work because of the pandemic. “