Visitors at IG’s grand opening were visibly impressed with our new colocation space that promotes shared energy and shared values in a colocation community. The Workshop@IG fosters collision, connection, cross-pollination, collaboration and community with a supportive culture of innovation and diversity.The bright, inviting space is made cooler by a full wall mural painted by IG’s Creative Lead, Snow Conrad.

The area has already been used for client-mentor meetings and by Kiite as an offsite workspace. So, what impression did the space make on those who’ve experienced it?

Fernando Muniz Simas, EXO Insights, says his perception was that it’s a great hybrid space both for larger, group meetings as well as individual, smaller group meetings. “I recall the silence during my conversations, and this is an aspect I value a lot while putting the brain to work…,” he added

The Kiite team said:
• The staff were incredible.
• Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, and it was great.
• The internet connection was rad.
• The environment allowed me to focus on my work and I liked that.
• Being surrounded by green is awesome.

Sara and Jennifer, The Crumby Cookie Dough Company, say while they are new to Innovation Guelph they have had a couple of meetings in the Workshop space. “This is a great space!” she said. “The meeting rooms are definitely useful for a more private or talkative meeting (where you may not want to disturb others), and the larger communal area seems like a great workspace as well!”

Paul Radkowski, Life Recovery Program, says “I appreciate the space is bright with lots of windows and natural lighting, seeing green space outside helps foster a better mood, creativity etc.”

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